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As a leading destination for luxury hotels and resorts, Abu Dhabi is home to many different hotels offering unique experiences. There’s a lot to choose from, whether it’s lavish palace-style properties, desert resorts, high-end glamping, or 5-star beachfront hotels.
In addition to being an international hub, the capital has plenty of budget-friendly options, so if you are a family of four or more looking to experience Abu Dhabi without breaking the bank, there are many choices to consider.
There are resorts scattered all over the city, from the centre of the city to the outskirts, making it an excellent place for visitors to stay during their holidays or quick weekend getaways.
At least ten public holidays occur throughout the year, so residents can plan a road trip to discover hidden gems like Al Wathba’s long salt lakes or the Arabian village of Empty Quarters and spend the night at one of the many offerings of Abu Dhabi.
Those looking to live life king-size can also opt to reside at one of the many offerings at the Emirates Palace Hotel, a luxury resort with a pristine private beach and Arabian hospitality at its finest.
In addition to spending the night in a hotel room or suite, many properties in Abu Dhabi, especially those located away from city limits, offer private campsites for camping under the starry night sky, giving you an ultimate Bedouin vibe.
If you’re on holiday, honeymooning, or seeking privacy, the hotels in Abu Dhabi are sure to impress you and satisfy all your needs.